Coordinator’s Message

Dr. D. K. Sahay

Transforming the perspectives in the academic world, Journalism and Mass Communication has always been rivetting the attention of the knowledge – seekers. Revelation through revolution of information opens new vistas in all the spheres of life, creating a dire need of professionals in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication for the sake of bringing relevant facts to the fore. It is no wonder that Journalism and Mass communication has been tending to secure an elevated position of highly-sought after profession and an enviable domain. Pursuing the course of Journalism and Mass Communication by the students provides them a vast exposure to the multidimensional experiences of life as well as a discerning insight into the pedagogy, leading to a bright future of broad horizon. Creativity goes hand in hand with expression through several means and methods of Communication, enabling the Journalists to find an appropriate platform to champion the noble cause of humanity. Journalism and Mass Communication offers immense possibilities for the students to train themselves for undeviated aims in life with diligence, dedication, determination and commitment for their sense of duty. A feeling of thankfulness and gratitude sweeps over me for all, including the Director, Teachers, Students and staff of the Department who, in one way or another, have been associated with the Department, particularly the Vice-chancellor, the Pro-Vice-chancellor, the Registrar and the Dean, Faculty of Humanities for their patronage. I wish that the glorious tradition of School of  Mass Communication , Ranchi University, Ranchi may far outshine with ever-increasing brilliance and lustre.