Pro VC message



Dr. Kaamini Kumar

The School of Mass Communication of Ranchi University has been offering quality education to produce journalists at the national level for the last 37 years. A few decades before when the scope of journalism was restricted the internet era had not stepped in, from that period itself this Department has been producing a new generation of committed journalists Ranchi University as well as we all of us are proud of this Department. It gives me immense pleasure to share that in addition to print and electronic media, it has incorporated the WWW and Internet Journalism in its curriculum keeping pace with global changes and challenges of modern journalism. Its new calm, beautiful and independent campus provides a healthy environment for fostering higher education and research.

The achievement of the Department in addressing present needs in area s of camera, Photography, Video editing, Films Making, Documentary making, content writing, Anchoring, Public relation, Corporate Communication  and offering professional training is highly commendable. The products of this Department have made good space for themselves in National and International Media. I have come to believe that the dedicated team of teachers and non-teaching employees of the School of Mass Communication will enable it to achieve new heights.